Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

PAEDS 722 - Youth Health Practicum

15 Points

Semester 1


Aims to give clinicians the opportunity to extend their professional youth health skills and expertise through a supervised self-directed learning practicum in youth health.


Prerequisite: PAEDS 720

Course outline

Learning outcomes

At the completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. To be able to identify self-directed learning objectives
  2. To demonstrate skills in self-directed learning through reflection, literature review, supervision and team-based discussion
  3. Demonstrate advanced/specialist practice in youth health
  4. Demonstrate critical reflection and academic scholarship in relation to youth health practice

Content outline 

The course involves the student developing a structured learning plan and learning goals related to youth health practice in coordination with the course coordinator, carrying out practical work to achieve these goals and documenting and reflecting on this via a log book, completing a final report or output demonstrating and reflecting on their practical project.

Learning and teaching

This course is designed to enable distance-based learning. Meetings with the academic supervisor to set learning objectives may be arranged on campus or via teleconference. A supervisor who is local and has skills related to the planned practicum may be arranged to enable weekly meetings for each student


Assessment of the practicum is by coursework. Students will be assessed on their coursework in four stages.

Programme and course advice 

The practicum can be undertaken in semester one or two and is a 15 point course at postgraduate level.

Students take this course as part of their Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences in the specialisation Youth Health. It is recommended that students enrol in this course after they have completed PAEDS 712, 719, 720 and POPLHLTH 732.

Course Coordinator

Course Administrator