Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

PAEDS 720 - Advanced Youth Health

15 Points

Semester 2



Extends students' knowledge of youth health and develops knowledge and skills for supporting or leading improvements or projects in youth health. Will include advanced understandings of youth development and develop youth health project ideas or service improvements for clinical, research or policy settings.

Course aims

Goals of the course

The aims of this course are to develop advanced understandings of youth health and well-being and to enhance youth health leadership skills.

Learning outcomes 

  • To have an advanced understanding of youth health and development and evidence based practice
  • To have an increased understanding of youth health services and programmes in an area related to your interests
  • To identify service needs and gaps in an area of practice related to your interests
  • To understand programme logic and identify opportunities for improving youth health or development in an area of practice
  • To develop leadership skills in youth health
  • To understand the contextual constraints and opportunities around making change in youth health.
  • To enhance skills in youth participation, in supporting teams and in enhancing or developing an area of practice.

Content outline

Day 1: Having a strong theory and evidence base. Programme logic and Youth heath leadership opportunities.

Day 2: Vision and innovation in youth health. Examples and discussions with youth leaders in New Zealand. Developing and evaluating Youth Health programmes.

Day 3: Qualities of Leadership. Wairua and personal leadership, engaging others, teaching teams. Youth participation.

Day 4: Implementing and sustaining new approaches. Workshops on funding, team dynamics, policy or advocacy (based on student interests).

Learning and teaching

This course is delivered in 4 one day block teaching sessions. Varied teaching styles will be used and there will be opportunities to learn from a range of New Zealand youth health leaders. To get the best out of the course you are encouraged to view classes as an opportunity to question, debate, and analyse the material covered in the readings and/or presented in classes. This means that it is essential to attend these sessions well prepared, having read the required readings previously.

Learning resources

The course book contains most of the required readings. However, additional articles may be added during the course. Students will be able to insert these additional readings in the relevant section in their folders. Copies of the lecturer’s notes will also be available at the beginning of each session.


100% coursework: Coursework will provide opportunities to visit youth health services, to develop a robust logic model for a youth health innovation and to develop a youth health project proposal or plan.

Programme and course advice

This is a postgraduate public health course that is suitable for students who work with, or intend to work with, young people in health, education and social service settings. The course may be taken as part of a wide range of postgraduate programmes including youth health, nursing, mental health, drug and alcohol, medical science and health sciences. Recommended background papers are PAEDS 712 PAEDS 719 PAEDS 722 and POPLHLTH 732.

This course is offered every second year, ie 2017, 2019 etc

Course Director

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