Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

NURSPRAC 708 - Emergency Specialty Nursing

30 Points

Semester 1



Draws on evidence from biomedical and social science research to equip nurses for the care and treatment of patients in the emergency setting. Students will be expected to integrate evidence from a range of sources and apply this to the practice of emergency nursing.

Restriction: NURSING 730

Course information

Aims of the course

To increase nurses’ emergency knowledge and skill in order to enable them to plan and deliver client-centred care to clients with specific health care needs.

To increase nurses’ pathophysiology knowledge in relation to Emergency Nursing

Learning outcomes

Within a defined area of specialty nursing practice, nurses will:

  • Describe an advanced role for nurses in specialty practice
  • Apply an understanding of pathophysiological processes of specific disease states to individual clients and client groups
  • Demonstrate the care of clients with complex and specific health care needs including client learning and the development of overall client health care plans
  • Demonstrate competency in specialty based client assessment skills
  • Demonstrate competency in specialty based skills or the use or management of specialty based technology
  • Analyse the impact of illness and health care experience on the client/family
  • Evaluate the ethical and legal parameters of current nursing practice
  • Demonstrate understanding of scientific concepts and pathophysiological processes
  • Increase nurses knowledge and use of applied science in caring for client
  • Apply this knowledge to clients signs, symptoms and presentations
  • Relate the use and interpretations of diagnostic tests for example, laboratory tests
  • Develop an understanding of social, economic and political factors related to specialty area
  • Apply concepts such as caring, ethics, advocacy

Course structure/delivery

6 study days (3x2 day blocks)

Assessment Points 




(Verbal Presentation)

20 minutes


Assessment 2 (Trauma Assessment)

60 minutes


Assessment 3 (Two short answer questions)

1500 words per question

30% (15% per question)

Course Coordinator

Course Administrator