Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

NURSPRAC 705 - Stroke Specialty Nursing

30 Points

Semester 2



Draws on evidence from biomedical and social science research to equip nurses for the care and treatment of patients following a stroke. Students will be expected to integrate evidence from a range of sources and apply this to the practice of stroke nursing.

Restriction: NURSING 730

Course aims and outcomes

Aims of the course

  • Increase nurses’ specialty knowledge and skills in order to enable them to plan and deliver client-centred care to clients with a stroke
  • Increase knowledge around advanced nursing roles, pathophysiology, client assessment and client management
  • Increase the understanding around the wider context of stroke nursing and the health care experience of the client and family
  • Increase nurses’ understanding and application of core nursing concepts such as ethics, caring and culture in the specialty practice area of stroke nursing and in a wider socio- political context

Learning outcomes
Within a defined area of stroke specialty practice, health professionals will:

  • Apply an understanding of pathophysiological processes of specific disease states to individual clients and client groups
  • Demonstrate the care of stroke clients with complex and specific health care needs including client learning and the development of overall client health care plans
  • Demonstrate competency in stroke specialty based client assessment skills
  • Demonstrate competency in stroke specialty based skills or the use or management of specialty based technology
  • Analyse the impact of illness and health care experience on the client/family within a stroke context
  • Evaluate the ethical and legal parameters of current nursing practice
  • Demonstrate understanding of scientific concepts and pathophysiological processes
  • Increase professionals knowledge and use of applied science in caring for stroke clients
  • Apply this knowledge to clients’ signs, symptoms and presentations
  • Relate the use and interpretations of diagnostic tests for example, laboratory tests and imaging
  • Develop an understanding of social, economic and political factors related to the specialty of stroke care
  • Apply concepts such as caring, ethics, advocacy in the stroke context

Assessment and teaching

The course has 4 study days (2 x 2 day blocks) and 1 Clinical Viva Exam day.

Assessment points

Assessments Limit Weighting
Written Assignment 1
3000 words   30%
Written Assignment 2
3000 words
Clinical Viva Exam
45 minutes 40%

Course Director

Course Administrator