Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

NURSING 746 - Evidence-based Practice and Implementation

30 Points

Semester 1, Semester 2


Considers the type of evidence that inform nursing practice and implementation, and examines barriers and enablers to the application of evidence to practice. Provides students with the tools to locate and appraise evidence and requires the student to engage in research activities resulting in a substantial research essay.


Restriction: NURSING 720

Course information

Aims of the course

  • To increase students’ understanding of the role of evidence in clinical decision-making.
  • To facilitate development of implementation skills and knowledge that will allow students to begin totranslate evidence into practice.

Learning outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand frameworks for implementing change in practice
  • Develop searchable questions arising from clinical issues
  • Identify appropriate sources of information for relevant questions
  • Demonstrate skill and understanding in critically appraising research
  • Apply evidence to a clinical setting to address patient problems and issues
  • Critique strategies for implementing evidence into practice
  • Critically evaluate the clinical environment in order to identify facilitation strategies that enhanceevidence-based practice. 

Teaching and assessments

Assessment  Weighting
Assignment 1  20% 
Assignment 2  30% 
Assignment 3  50% 

Course Coordinator

Course Administrator