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NURSING 741 - Education for Clinical Practice

30 Points

Semester 1
Grafton, Northland 


Professional learning is essential to enable healthcare professionals to function competently in the complex world of clinical practice. Health care professionals are required to become actively involved in teaching colleagues involved in healthcare and patients. Effective clinical teaching and learning is enabled by laying a foundation in educational theory and practice.

Course information

This course acknowledges that teaching and learning in the clinical context is fundamental to clinically based disciplines such as nursing. This paper appeals to those who have an interest or responsibility in how teaching and learning enables the sharing of knowledge.

A foundation of education theory and interprofessional learning informs education strategies. An effective workplace culture is one that includes knowledge utilisation, transfer and evidence development supporting person centered, effective and evidence based care. Critical theory challenges the traditional notion of knowledge generation, suggesting identification and active involvement of multiple key stakeholders, engaged in knowledge production. Further understanding of client/whānau experience and involving them in decision-making requires nurses to engage within their local practice area, reflecting on and developing their practice.

By exploring health literacy students can then help to ensure clients/whanau greater involvement, protection and choice in key aspects of their health experience.

Aim of the course

The purpose of this course is to enable effective clinical teaching and learning by laying a foundation in educational theory and practice. Students will broaden their understanding of what counts as knowledge, who creates it and how it is validated. Students will apply educational tools for clients/whanau that are clear, concise, and relevant, meeting the requirements of valued communication principles. Students may further develop their practice knowledge in this area in NURSING 735 Clinical Education Practicum.

Learning outcomes

During this course students will be better able to:

  1. Apply theories and perspectives of learning appropriate to the clinical context.
  2. Explore the basis and application of clinical teaching concepts/models.
  3. Discuss the evidence base around clinical teaching and learning.
  4. Analyse the assessment of clinical practice and the evaluation of learning.
  5. Critique the use of different education practice methods.
  6. Analyse the application of educational knowledge to practice development.
  7. Reflect critically about personal teaching experiences in relation to philosophy of education.
  8. Discuss the nature of work based professional education and characteristics of effective culture.


  • Study Block 1 (x 1 day): Learning theories and education process and strategies
  • Study Block 2 (x 1 day): Clinical context as a teaching and learning environment – health promotion, health literacy, and consumer health information needs
  • Study Block 3 (x 2 day): One day is allocated for student presentations; the other day has a focus on interprofessional learning and education.


There are three assignments, two individual essays and one individual verbal presentation.

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