Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

NURSING 735 - Clinical Education Practicum

30 Points

Semester 2


Application and critical analysis of educational theories and concepts in a clinical learning environment. Utilises an action based learning model and project work.

Course information

This course acknowledges that health care is rich in evidence-based innovations, yet even when such innovations are implemented successfully in one location, they can often disseminate slowly, if at all. The traditional view and role of nurses who educate has changed. Health care requires nurses who can interpret knowledge and facilitate to support the spread of innovative and developing practice.

Students will define a need from multiple perspectives and plan a programme that will support learning activities in their area of practice. This blended course has online and class learning activities. It has been designed specifically for nurses who wish to increase their efficacy in delivering education programmes to support the spread and implementation of innovative practice.

Aim of the course

The aim of this course is to increase student’s understanding of professional education, work based learning and curriculum/programme development in the clinical area. Students will gain knowledge of workplace culture and work-related skills needed to support and facilitate continuous improvement and innovation. Students will demonstrate transferable skills for facilitating continuous improvement and innovation in clinical practice areas.

Learning outcomes

During this course students will be better able to:

  1. Analyse the diffusion of innovation and development of practice.
  2. Explore current trends in practice education and innovations in health care.
  3. Utilise data from a variety of perspectives to collaboratively plan, implement and evaluate an innovative education programme for the development of a practice or quality improvement.
  4. Undertake a learning needs assessment in a practice area.
  5. Analyse the factors and issues that influence programme design and delivery.
  6. Analyse philosophical underpinnings of practice education and work based training.
  7. Explore own process of learning.


  • There are three assignments, two individual written assignments and one individual verbal presentation. 

Course Coordinator