Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

NURSING 732 - Leading and Managing Changes in Healthcare

30 Points

Semester 2


Theoretical and practice principles of leadership and management in the context of healthcare organisations. Utilises an action based learning model, mentorship and project work.

Course information

An empowering course with a focus on leading sustainable change and understanding change platforms in the context of healthcare organisations. Utilises an appreciative inquiry approach, mentorship and project work. Students will feel empowered, more resilient and have a toolkit to support them as they generate change with other health professionals in the health system.

Aim of the course 

The aim of this course is to increase student’s understanding and skills in leading, managing and sustaining change in the health system. This course contains 6 study days.

Learning outcomes 

By the completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Effectively lead, manage and promote sustainable change within the healthcare sector
  • Develop a personal framework for leading and managing change and promoting the sustainability of change in their future work as leaders and managers in health care
  • Analyse the factors and issues for a sustainable improvement culture in health care
  • Explore the notion of and trends in improvement science in health care
  • Analyse a range of change models, frameworks and theories
  • Explore their own process of learning as a change leader
  • Implement and evaluate a quality improvement/service development project in their own service
  • Analyse and further develop their own interpersonal skills (communication, conflict, management, influencing, persuasion and negotiation)
  • Further analyse their own self‐management, resilience and emotional intelligence; their strengths in identifying the emotions of others, and how they will work to use emotions to facilitate thinking and change


Individual Written assignment: Self management and resilience 3,000 words  25% 
Individual written assignment: A personal framework for leading, managing and promoting sustainable change in future work. Plus reflective journal.   3,000 words  30% 
Group/Individual Publication and presentation  3,000 words

30% publication

15% presentation 

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