Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

MEDSCI 716 - Advanced Drug Disposition and Kinetics

15 Points

Semester 1


Advanced study of the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs, and the analysis of these processes. Also included are: in vivo/in vitro techniques in drug ADME studies used in drug development; drug analysis in biological matrices; and pharmaco-genomic aspects related to drug disposition.

This is an advanced course in Pharmacology and it is assumed that students taking the course are familiar with the basic facts of drug ADME and pharmacokinetics covered in stage 2 and 3 Pharmacology courses such as MEDSCI 204 and 303. In this course, the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs will be studied in depth, as well as the analyses of these processes, and factors influencing these processes. Most importantly, students will learn the skills of electronic information retrieval, digestion of this material, and production of a synopsis and the concise oral presentation of such material. Such skills are critical in a research career, or indeed in any career in this electronic age.

Tutorials are held at the Grafton Campus. Tutorial material will be made available through CANVAS for students enrolled in the course.

Course Director