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MEDICINE 700 - Designing Safer Systems

15 Points

Semester 2

Course Description

MED 700 is a 15 point course intended for health care and allied professionals, delivered in four face-to-face full-day workshops. Dates for course days are decided in order to offer maximum flexibility to participants, and include class activity sessions, and guest speakers from industry and clinical practice. This teaching is supplemented with online material and discussion forums. Assessment comprises three written assignments – two of which are in essay form and one of which is in the form of a problem-based report.


The Quality and Safety of health care around the world has become of increasing concern in recent years, in light of spiralling health care costs and a greater knowledge of the extent of harm to patients undergoing treatment. The field of health care Quality and Safety is now a dynamic and interdisciplinary one that attempts to detect and remove hazards in health care systems, better understand the factors that lead to clinical errors, and introduce initiatives that reduce patient harm, increase health care quality and control costs.

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Aims of the Course

This course incorporates theoretical and applied elements in human psychology, human factors, systems engineering and redesign, failure analysis and prevention, teamwork and communication, organisational culture, and quality monitoring and hazard mitigation.


What you will learn

In this course you will study health care systems, gain a better understanding of their complexity, how and why they sometimes go wrong, and what has been successful so far in improving care, reducing harm and controlling costs. You will learn methods for identifying causes of harm, approaches for redesigning aspects of systems, and analytical techniques for monitoring and detecting improvements in safety.


When and where
This course is offered in Semester 2 each year at the University’s Grafton Campus.


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