Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

MAORIHTH 709 - Transformational Research for Māori Health

15 Points

Semester 2


Māori Health 709 provides a critical analysis of research and research processes with regard to their potential to colonise or liberate. Drawing on Kaupapa Māori Theory, the course examines how research can be undertaken in ways that are safe for Māori and contribute to positive Māori development.


Prerequisites: MAORIHTH 710 and 15 points from POPLHLTH 701, 702, 767 

Course aims and outline

Goals of the course

The course aims to:

  • Build understanding of the range of approaches and tools that can be drawn on in the design and conduct of Māori health research.
  • Develop critical thinking and critical reflections skills in relation to research.
  • Develop skills in critiquing historical and contemporary research approaches and the risks and benefits for Māori health.


Learning outcomes 

At the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Critically discuss the contribution of Westernised research (historical and contemporary) to colonisation and marginalisation of Māori within society.
  • Discuss Kaupapa Māori Research and how it is applied within both quantitative and qualitative settings today.
  • Critically assess research projects and/or ethics applications in terms of their consistency with a Kaupapa Māori approach.
  • Identify critical issues to be addressed when applying a Kaupapa Māori approach to research projects and/or ethics application within their own context.


Content outline 

The course runs over the second semester. Formal teaching is conducted across five teaching days as follows:

Day 1: Why is Kaupapa Māori research needed?

Day 2: Identity and research

Day 3: Kaupapa Māori research in health – case studies and examples

Day 4: Kaupapa Māori research in health – case studies and examples

Day 5: Undertaking Kaupapa Māori research 

Learning and teaching

Teaching methods include lectures, interactive discussions and small group work. A number of guest lecturers may be involved throughout the course. The expected class size is small to medium (10-20).


Campus teaching dates 

Please see your timetable on SSO or Building 730 Reception noticeboard on the day for the room details.


Learning resources 

Students will have online access to CANVAS pages for this course (which is our online Student Learning Management system) from the first week of the semester. These pages will provide an overview of the course, assessments, teaching content, readings and resources.



The course is internally assessed (no examination) and has three assignments as follows:

Assignment 1 Literature review 25%

Assignment 2 Critical appraisal of research 25%

Assignment 3 Research proposal 50%


Programme and course advice 

Prerequisites: Students must have completed MAORIHTH 710 and 15 points from a research course: POPLHLTH 701, 702 or 767, before enrolling in this course.

Students need to take 30 points (at least 2 of these 15 point courses) from these four optional courses –

MAORIHTH 705, 706, 709 and 711 for the Māori Health specialisation in the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health.

Course Coordinator

Course Administrator