Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

MAORIHTH 706 - Māori Health: Policy and Practice

15 Points
Semester 2



Māori Health 706 examines health and social policy in Aotearoa/New Zealand from a Kaupapa Māori perspective, with an emphasis on reorienting policy to advance Māori health and equity. This course provides insights into how policy can be applied within a Kaupapa Māori framework in different areas of public health practice.


Prerequisites: MAORIHTH 301 or 701 

Course aims and outline

Goals of the course

This course is aimed at students who are interested in applying kaupapa Māori theory to the analysis of health policy. It will provide students with conceptual tools for analysing and understanding health policy issues from a kaupapa Māori perspective and advocating for policy change to improve Māori health outcomes and address inequities.

Learning outcomes 

On completion of this course students will be able to:

  1. Understand how historical policy decisions have shaped contemporary Māori health outcomes
  2. Critically analyse policy issues from a kaupapa Māori perspective
  3. Discuss how policy can increase, maintain or address health inequities between Māori and non-Māori
  4. Deconstruct how policy issues are framed and the consequences of this framing process on policy action
  5. Advocate for policy change to improve Māori health outcomes and address health inequities 

Content outline 

The course runs over the second semester and the formal teaching in conducted in four days of block teaching. Each day of block teaching focuses on a specific theme.

Day one: Policy, power and Māori health

Day two: Kaupapa Māori theory and the policy process

Day three: Reframing policy issues from a kaupapa Māori perspective

Day four: Advocating for policy change

Learning and teaching

Students will be required to review online content and complete readings before they attend each teaching day to allow for interactive discussions and learning activities within class.

Campus teaching dates 

Please see your timetable on SSO or Building 730 Reception noticeboard on the day for the room details.

Learning resources 

Students will have online access to CANVAS pages for this course (which is our online Student Learning Management system) from the first week of the second semester. These pages will provide an overview of the course, assessments, teaching content, readings and resources.


This course is internally assessed (there is no exam) and has four assessments as follows:

Student-led reading discussion 20%

Policy analysis essay 25%

Frame analysis essay 25%

Policy report 30%

Programme and course advice 

Prerequisites: Students must have completed MAORIHTH 301 or MAORIHTH 701 before enrolling in this course.

Students who want to enrol in MAORIHTH 706 but do not meet the prerequisite need to contact Esther Willing to discuss their options.

Students need to take 30 points (at least 2 of these 15 point courses) from these four optional courses –

MAORIHTH 705, 706, 709 and 711 for the Māori Health specialisation in the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health.

Course Coordinator

Course Administrator