Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

HLTHMGT 755 - Project in Health Leadership

45 Points 

Semester 1 and 2


An applied research-based project in an aspect of health leadership. The project provides a capstone experience to the Master of Health Leadership degree. Students critically analyse real-world cases and problems and develop evidence informed and innovative solutions through expert consultation and literature research.


To complete this course students must enrol in HLTHMGT 755 A and B, or HLTHMGT 755 

Course aims and outline

Goals of the Course

This course is designed to help students understand how to apply health leadership theories, principles and best practice taught in the Master of Health Leadership programme to develop considered and innovative solutions to a practical problem in a health organisation.

Learning Outcomes 

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an integration of theoretical and practical knowledge related to specialisations
  • Apply creative problem-solving skills and demonstrate evidence of originality
  • Illustrate the capacity to locate, use and evaluate information effectively at an advanced academic level
  • Interpret and evaluate quantitative and qualitative information for research purposes
  • Undertake numerical calculations, applying appropriate technologies as required
  • Communicate effectively in both written and spoken English and/or Māori
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of human and cultural diversity (cultural competencies) and a respect for the values of other individuals and groups including Māori
  • Demonstrate an ability to plan and achieve a complex project and to work effectively, independently and in collaboration with others

Content Outline 

There is no pre-determined material for this course.

Learning and Teaching

This is a self-directed and integrated learning experience that is focussed on an applied project. Students are expected to work closely with a health organisation on a nominated topic. The aim is to develop a student’s practical leadership skills including initiative, independence, consultation, project management, problem solving and communication.

Students will be supported to do this by an organisational advisor and an academic supervisor. Students will need to arrange regular mentoring sessions with the advisor and the supervisor, and plan and pace their own workload over the semester. The course director is available to guide students in the early stages of the course, including organisational placement, topic selection and establishing supervisory support, and will ensure that students have opportunities for class discussion either in-person or online.


Campus Teaching Dates 

This course has no set teaching dates. Students are required to submit a brief project proposal for approval to the course director using a template provided. Students are encouraged to contact the course director before the Semester begins to discuss preparations regarding organisational placement, supervision and proposed topic. The course director will nominate times for workshops and group discussion among the class throughout the semester. 


Learning Resources 

Students can access information and updates about the course on CANVAS, including templates for the project proposal and the assessments. 



Brief Proposal (350 words)

Critical reflective report on your development as a leader (3500 words)

Written change proposal (5000 words) (main assessment)

Oral presentation of the change proposal to organisation 


Programme and Course Advice 

This is a compulsory course in the Masters of Health Leadership Programme.

We hope you enjoy the course and find it both challenging and useful in your learning and planning for your future.

HLTHMGT 755 A is 15 points and B is 30 points. Students doing this course part time can enrol in the A and B parts. Make sure that you enrol for both the sections A and B.

Course Director