Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

HLTHMGT 754 - Health Leadership

15 Points 

Semester 1



Establishes the conceptual foundation of health leadership related to the self, others and organisations. Contemporary leadership frameworks are compared and linked to leadership theory and concepts in the context of improving health and outcomes. 


Restriction: POPLHLTH 754, NURSING 732

Course aims and outline

Goals of the course

This course is designed to help health professionals and others interested in working in the health to understand why leadership is important in the health sector and to support their personal development of leadership capabilities for a role in the health sector.

Learning outcomes 

Following the completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Critique examples of health leadership strategies, frameworks and concepts with application to Aotearoa/New Zealand
  2. Discuss and critically analyse examples of health leadership theories, frameworks and concepts with application for Aotearoa/New Zealand
  3. Understand the relationship between health system failures in New Zealand and overseas and the role of leadership in preventing and addressing failures and improving outcomes
  4. Discuss ways in which leadership concepts can be used within health organisations to achieve outcomes for service users and communities
  5. Apply leadership theories and best practice to leading multi-professional health teams and change in health organisations
  6. Apply techniques for assessing and developing self and others as leaders

Content outline

The course is organised into six themes which are introduced gradually over the semester. Each class day focuses on one or two themes. The six themes of this course are:

  • Health leadership strategies, frameworks and theories
  • Leadership as a response to challenges in health organisations and systems
  • Leadership and self
  • Leadership and others (teams)
  • Change leadership
  • Leader and leadership development

Learning and teaching

The course is offered in Semester 1 on Tāmaki Campus. Course material is delivered on a web-based platform and access is provided through a web-link at the start of the semester. This allows students to work through the course at the times best suited to busy schedules. In addition there are four class days of 6 hours each that focus on 1-2 themes each day. In classes, there is lecture content along with interactive and small group activities, problem-based learning and discussions designed to enrich your learning, help you to create networks with your peers, and to benefit from the experiences of others. Students are encouraged to read widely and participate actively in the learning process.

Campus teaching dates 

Please see your timetable on SSO or Building 730 Reception noticeboard on the day for the room details.

Learning resources 

The course materials are available through a web-based format. Course information, material, and discussion forums are made available to students via CANVAS, the University’s learning management system. There is no text for the course; however, articles and readings are provided and others recommended and there is a good collection of leadership texts held in The University of Auckland library system. All PowerPoint presentations and additional course materials are available through CANVAS.


100% Coursework:

Assignment 1: 30%: Critical essay on the role of leadership in addressing health systems challenges

Assignment 2: 30%: Leader development report

Assignment 3: 40%: Critical essay on health care teams

Course Director

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