Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

HLTHINFO 725 - The New Zealand Health Data Landscape

15 Points

Semester 2



An overview of key issues to support the appropriate and effecitve use of large volumes of routinely collected data to drive improvements in the delivery of health care. Ethical and equitable use of health data, critical evaluation of health data, identification of analytic methods and appropriate interpretation to support health care decision-making are discussed. Specific datasets are not analysed. 

Learning outcomes

  1. Critically evaluate how the use of routinely collected data from health and other sectors can cause harm

  2. Identify opportunities for routinely collected data to be used to support a commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi, a reduction in health inequities and an increase in population health gain 

  3. Critically evaluate strengths and limitations in the quality of routinely collected New Zealand health data to optimise the integrity of decision-making based on these data

  4. Develop appropriate questions to support robust health care decision-making in the context of available routinely collected data and information

  5. Interpret findings as appropriate to health care decision-making questions

  6. Communicate findings to a range of audiences using written and oral media 



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Multi-choice questions on key principles


Assignment 1


Students will identify (or be provided with) article(s) that use routinely collected data to inform a health care decision.

They will:

- develop appropriate questions to support the decision (500 words)

- critically evaluate the article(s), with a focus on potential data quality issues and the appropriateness of the findings to the health or research question (1000 words)

- prepare a report with recommendations regarding the health care decision based on the findings of your review of the article(s) (1000 words)

- provide an oral presentation in support of their findings and recommendations (the presentation will be recorded and submitted for assessment)


Assignment 2


Students will identify (or be provided with) a health care scenario for which data and quantitative information are required to make a decision.

They will:

- develop appropriate questions to support the decision (500 words)

- identify and justify appropriate data sources (500 words)

- outline the limitations of the data sources (500 words)

- identify key outputs from the analysis (500 words)

- document the data and analysis request they would discuss with your analytics team (500 words)


Assignment 3


Students will be provided with an anonymous assignment submitted by one of their classmates for Assignment 2.They will be required to critically assess the assignment

(1500 words)


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