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HLTHINFO 723 - Health Knowledge Management

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Semester 1


The objective of this course is to develop an ability to analyse the role and dynamics of knowledge in the working environment in the health sector, and to develop aspects of knowledge infrastructure.


Restriction: POPLHLTH 723


This is a core course for :

and an optional course for Public Health and general Health Sciences programmes.

Course information

Goals of the course

During the course students will be expected to

  • Understand the key processes of creation, acquisition and sharing of knowledge within a healthcare setting
  • Select knowledge management concepts related to a health topic of interest and discuss their topic as a form of knowledge management
  • Describe and analyse the overall health knowledge system, identifying both technical and cultural changes required to develop, select and implement health knowledge systems
  • Practice knowledge management by writing an assignment as though for publication (i.e. a form of knowledge sharing). Consider publishing their assignment under guidance of the lecturer

Learning outcomes 

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  1. Analyse and develop the concepts associated with health knowledge management
  2. Understand and apply the concepts of knowledge management to an area of interest to them
  3. Write a paper in preparation for publication that conceptually or practically describes the application of electronic information technologies to health knowledge management. (Actual publication is optional)

Content outline 

Key topics will include:

  • Introduction to the concepts of knowledge management, with particular reference to health systems
  • Theoretical perspectives on knowledge management
  • Communities of practice
  • Innovation and change management
  • Role of technology in health knowledge management
  • Governance and strategy
  • Applying knowledge management (in your assignments and online discussion forum) by
    • Contextualising knowledge management in your own experience and topics of interest
    • Linking the literature of your topic of choice to knowledge management literature
    • Preparing to publishing (knowledge sharing) for the first time (actually publishing your assignment is optional).

Learning and teaching 

The course is divided into online modules, each with a series of supporting resources, including lectures, readings from the international research literature and other activities (e.g., interviews with experts). All materials are accessed via the Web. Course readings are available via the University Library's web site. There are two master classes. The first is at the beginning of semester and we introduce you to the concepts of knowledge management, the foundation of the course. The second occurs at the end of semester and you meet a senior knowledge management executive to discuss and consider future implications of knowledge management.

This course is an online course; there are two optional face to face sessions, one at the beginning of the semester and another one at the end of the semester. These will be recorded and put up on CANVAS for those who cannot attend the sessions.

Learning resources

All materials will be available via Canvas, including links to readings, voice recordings and other resources; these are organised according to the learning module sequence. Students should study the key readings which, together with other learning activities, will support understanding and learning. You are encouraged to join the online discussion as soon as possible and continue the course conversation to enrich your learning.


There is no examination for this course. The assessment profile for the course is based on three assignments leading up to the creation of a publishable essay. The relative weightings are shown below.

Assignment 1, 30% of the course grade. This is a description of a topic/issue of interest to you with links to health knowledge management. This assignment includes an online discussion with class members about your chosen topic (learning outcome 1)

Assignment 2, 30% of the course grade. This consists of an annotated bibliography consisting of five articles on your chosen topic AND five articles about the knowledge management concepts you have chosen to learn about. This assignment includes an online discussion about the literature you are reading (learning outcomes 1 & 2)

Assignment 3, 40% of the course grade. Using a template from a journal (supplied), you will write an essay about the knowledge management concepts you have chosen to learn about, using your topic to illustrate those concepts. This essay will be prepared as though for publication (actual publication is optional), and includes your online discussion.

Programme and course advice 

This is a core course for students enrolled in a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma in Health Sciences in Health Informatics. It is a recommended course for the public health and health sciences programmes.

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