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CLINIMAG 709 - Principles of Clinical Ultrasound

15 Points

Semester 1                                Semester 2    
On Campus, Grafton                    On Campus, Grafton



Provides a fundamental understanding of ultrasound technology and applications. Students will examine components of the clinical environment including transducer technology, quality assurance, bio-effects and safety, and apply these to clinical practice. In addition, students will analyse standard imaging techniques, normal and abnormal imaging appearances of the abdomen, pelvis and lower leg veins and perform examinations of these areas.


Prerequisite or corequisite: MEDIMAGE 716

It is a requirement for admission to this course that the student must be a full time student during this semester of study and has an appropriate clinical training position.

For further details regarding admission criteria for this course, please see 2018 Pathways document.

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