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CLINED 719 -Teaching and Learning in Clinical Settings

15 Points

Semester 2



The course is an online postgraduate course aimed at engaging everyday clinical teachers from a variety of different healthcare professions. There is a strong clear focus on comprehensively covering key topics in clinical teaching and learning, hands-on application of theory to practice, peer review, and developing self-sustaining clinical educators.

This is a 15 point elective course. It is offered as an online course with a two-day workshop.

Furthermore, it can be completed as a stand-alone course or as part of the following established programmes in the form of an elective option:

•  Postgraduate Certificate / Diploma / Masters in Clinical Education

•  Postgraduate Diploma / Masters in Health Sciences

•  Postgraduate Diploma / Masters in Medical Sciences

Aims of the course

The course will provide participants with an analytical understanding of the theories and principles underlying a broad range of key clinical teaching, learning, and assessment activities. It will also equip them with functional knowledge, skills, and first-hand experience which will enable them to independently design, conduct, and evaluate each activity by the end of this course. 


Learning outcomes

After successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Draw upon a comprehensive and analytical understanding of the theories and principles underlying key educational activities in clinical teaching, learning, and assessment. These are:

1. Mini-CEX and workplace-based assessments

2. Objective structured clinical examinations

3. Teaching with patients

4. Planning a tutorial

5. Teaching a clinical skill

6. Clinical supervision

7. Facilitating small group learning

8. Providing constructive feedback

•  Independently design, conduct and evaluate the clinical education activities listed above using knowledge, skills, and first-hand experiences gained during the course.

•  Demonstrate competencies in self-reflection, peer review, critical appraisal of literature, and appropriate application of important theories in clinical education.



Students are strongly encouraged to attend the workshop days, which will be held on Monday 29 July and Tuesday 30 July 2019. Attendance will facilitate completion of some of the assessment tasks.



There will be three assignments, which will enable students to explore aspects of teaching and learning within their own clinical context.

Learning resources

There is a reading list for each module, most of which will be available as hyperlinks from the course web pages.


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