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Professionalism in Clinical Education

CMHSE - Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education


This course explores the ways in which professionalism is conceptualized, embodied and fostered by people working in healthcare environments. What is a professional? What are the domains of professionalism? What are the roles of regulatory bodies concerning professionalism? How do we teach professionalism? Is it more than role modelling?

This is a 15 point elective course.

Participants are encouraged to draw on their own experiences and apply their new learning and skills in useful ways in their own areas of education and teaching.


Aims of the course

This course aims to help clinical postgraduate students understand and reflect on their own professionalism as educators and how they can contribute to their students’ professionalism development through teaching, role modelling, and assessment.

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

• Examine the notion of professionalism in clinical practice

• Reflect on the role of critical thinking and reflective practice in their personal and professional lives

• Critically reflect on their own professionalism as an educator

• Evaluate different methods for teaching and learning professionalism

• Examine strategies for dealing with lapses in professionalism

• Analyse strategies for fostering professional growth in clinical practice

Course information


There are two written assignments to complete, each of which allows the student to apply their knowledge and skills to their own area of clinical education. There are two assessed discussion threads for students to contribute to.



Students are strongly encouraged to attend the workshop, which will be held on Tuesday 12 March 2019. This workshop will have a practical focus and will allow students to explore some aspects of teaching professionalism, and to meet and interact with course tutors and other course participants. It will also involve guidance and discussion of the course assignments and the electronic resources involved in completing the course education programmes. It is offered as a distance- learning course in a fully online format. A face-to-face one-day workshop is also offered as part of the course.

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