Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

CLINED 716 - Assessing Clinical Performance

30 Points

Semester 2


Examines the purpose, criteria, methods, scoring methods and examiner training for a range of assessments of health professionals, with a focus on ensuring competence to practice. This will include concepts of reliability and validity, standard setting as well as advanced techniques to compare and effectively implement different types of clinical assessments.


Restriction: CLINED 704

Additional information

Aims of the Course:

The general objective of this course is to give health professionals greater awareness of the evidence underlying effective assessments in the clinical context and provide them with the skills to set effective assessments and to reflect on the quality of the assessments they are involved in.

Participants will be able to consider alternative assessment methods available to them and will be able to make more appropriate decisions about the application of those assessments in the clinical context.

Learning Outcomes:

After successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
• Explain principles of assessment
• Apply assessment to the workplace
• Analyse methods for evaluating assessments
• Differentiate types of assessment methods
• Design and evaluate different types of assessments

Course Description:

This is a 30 point elective course for all the clinical education programmes. It is offered as a distance learning course in a fully online format.


Students are strongly encouraged to attend the workshop which will be held on Wednesday 18 July 2018. Attendance is highly recommended and one session will focus on reviewing the course’s assessment tasks.



There are three assessments for this course. One assessment also incorporates a peer review process which enables the student to submit their work and gain feedback from their peers on the strengths and weaknesses of their assignment.


Learning Resources:

All course materials are available electronically, with the exception of the course texts:
•Homboe, E.S. & Hawkins, R. E. (2008). Practical Guide to the Evaluation of Clinical Competence (with bonus DVD). Mosby, Elsevier.
• Biggs, J. & Tang, C. (2011). Teaching for quality learning at university (4th ed.). Buckingham: Open University Press.


Teaching Staff:

Dr Marcus Henning
Associate Professor
Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education
Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
(09) 923 7392

Dr Andrea Thompson
Professional Teaching Fellow
Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education
Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
(09) 923 1906


Course Coordinator

Course Administrator