Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

CLINED 713 - Clinical Supervision

15 Points

Semester 1


This course explores theories of workplace learning and models of supervision of learners/trainees in the clinical workplace so students understand the different roles of clinical supervisors, and develop knowledge and skills to improve the effectiveness of clinical supervision in their own context. 

This is a 15 point elective course for all the clinical education programmes. It is offered as an online course.


Aims of the course

The course focuses on the process of supervision and the role of the supervisor, and is of particular interest to clinicians involved in supervision of trainees in specialist programmes, junior doctors, nurses and other health professionals in the clinical environment.   Therefore, it is recommended that students enrolled in the course have a formal or informal role in supervision of students in clinical settings.



Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Critically reflect on their own supervisory experiences
  • Critique contextual factors that influence clinical supervision
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the elements of the supervisory relationship in the clinical context
  • Explore the relationship of theories of workplace learning to clinical supervision
  • Design and evaluate interventions to improve clinical supervision in the workplace



There will be two assignments, which will enable students to explore aspects of supervision within their own clinical context. Participation in a discussion forum will also contribute to the final mark.  


Learning resources

There is a reading list for each module, most of which will be available as hyperlinks from the course web pages.



Students are strongly encouraged to attend the workshop, which will be held on Tuesday 26 March, 2019 at the Grafton campus.



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