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Postgraduate Certificates

Postgraduate certificates can be used to give students a postgraduate qualification in an area of interest or in which they have some professional involvement. Often students begin with this qualification if they have been out of study for some time or they just want to see what postgraduate study is all about. It is also the recommended initial qualification for non-university and overseas graduates.

Postgraduate certificates consist of 60 points of taught courses (usually four courses) and are coherent programmes that can be completed in one semester of full-time study, or up to four semesters (two years) of part-time study. Students in full-time work or with family responsibilities are advised to consider completing the programme part-time.

Students who successfully complete a postgraduate certificate may go on to complete a postgraduate diploma by completing a further 60 points (usually four courses). 

Students normally need a bachelors degree, or an equivalent approved professional qualification and at least two years of relevant work experience to gain entry.

Please note that all regulations should be read in conjunction with the General Regulations - Postgraduate Certificates.

More information on further study:

Postgraduate certificates available in the faculty:

Note that the Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Master of Medical Science programmes have been discontinued from 2016. Doctors interested in taking our postgraduate courses should apply for a Health Sciences certificate, diploma or masters programme instead.

Certificate of Proficiency

Any course offered by the faculty can be taken as a Certificate of Proficiency (COP). Students sometimes enrol in a course as a COP if they wish to take only one or two courses and know that they definitely will not be returning to the University to take up any further study in that particular area. COP courses cannot be reassigned into research masters degrees, and there are point limits and time limits for reassigning COPs into other postgraduate programmes. If you are considering enrolling in a course as a COP then you are advised to seek advice from either the department that offers the course or the faculty's Student Centre.