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Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Māori and Pacific Postgraduate Support Services (MAPAS PG)

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What is MAPAS Postgraduate Support?

MAPAS Postgraduate Support provides a supportive environment where students, whānau and staff accept a commitment to academic achievement within a Māori and Pacific context. We offer a variety of resources, activities and opportunities for you to access and participate in during your postgraduate studies.


How can MAPAS postgraduate support me?

All MAPAS postgraduate students within the faculty can access the following support activities designed to help you succeed within your course of study:

  • Academic study skills workshops
  • Research skills workshops
  • Writing wānanga
  • Targeted course-content tutorials
  • Cohort get-togethers
  • Access to online resources
  • Scholarship and funding guidance
  • Assistance to access key support services.
  • Access to a full-time MAPAS Student Support Advisor


How do I register to receive MAPAS Postgraduate Support?

To access this support you must:

  1. Be admitted into a Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences postgraduate programme.  Go to www.auckland.ac.nz/applynow to complete an online application for admission to your programme of choice prior to the application closing date.
  2. Submit a MAPAS PG registration form. Go to https://www.fmhs.auckland.ac.nz/en/faculty/tkhm/pg-mapas.html to complete this online form. 


Am I eligible?

You are eligible to access MAPAS Postgraduate support if you:

  1. Have verified indigenous New Zealand Māori or Pacific whakapapa/ancestry and,
  2. Are a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand and,
  3. Have applied for entry into a postgraduate FMHS programme.