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FMHS Student Online Travel Register

All FMHS students are required to register any University related overseas travel using the Online Student Travel Register. The following page explains all you need to know.

Travel policy

The University of Auckland Travel Policy for Students undertaking University Activities Abroad sets standards for assuring safe student travel abroad by providing guidelines for safe travel and a process for the University of Auckland to consider whether University student travel should proceed to potentially high risk regions/countries.

FMHS Online Travel Register

All FMHS students are required to register any University related overseas travel using the FMHS Online Travel Register to comply with the University of Auckland Travel Policy prior to their departure from New Zealand. All University related overseas travel must be registered whether it is funded by individual students, the university, or an alternative funder or provider.

You will need the following information in order to complete the FMHS Online Travel Register and satisfy the requirements of the policy.

  • Travel dates
  • Flight numbers
  • Passport number
  • Personal travel and health insurance (for the duration of the travel period)
  • Registration with MFAT if NZ citizen or Permanent Resident.

Register now

Use the link below to register your travel. You can save the data in the survey and return to it at any time prior to departure to complete it.

University of Auckland Travel Survey

If there are changes to your international travel plans you will need to return to the survey and update it and also edit your registration details with MFAT.

If you do not register your travel using this Online Travel Register your travel may be deemed unauthorised and penalties may be imposed as outlined in Section 14 of the policy.


Travel and Medical Insurance

You are required to ensure you have appropriate travel and medical insurance. Such insurance is available with a number of commercial providers, and we recommend you review your options with your travel agent. This can be arranged through your travel provider at the time of booking your flights. In some specific cases, insurance is covered by the University.

More information can be found on by clicking here


Registering your travel with MFAT

If you are travelling overseas for University activities and you are a New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident, you must register your travel plans on the MFAT Safe Travel website.


Updating your contact details

Please note that it is your responsibility to update your current contact details and next of kin emergency contact details on Student Services Online for the period you are overseas.

For more information visit the Update your details page.


Travel to "high risk" or "extreme risk" destinations

Travel to "high risk" or "extreme risk" destinations the University will not support student travel to a country or region with a government travel advisory set at "high risk" or "extreme risk" unless exceptional circumstances exist.

When it is believed that there are exceptional circumstances, you must seek consideration by the Vice Chancellor using the request form below. Approval must be obtained from your relevant department or school before submitting to the Performance & Risk Office.

If you are part of a group, you should discuss this with your trip organiser who may do this on behalf of the whole group.


For more information

For more help call 0800 61 62 63 or visit:

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