Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Simona D’Silva - Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)


“My thesis looks into ways specially designed technology could benefit young people in low decile schools and those with long-term physical conditions. Research that provides new and innovative ways to improve the health of New Zealanders is what inspires me.”

“I decided to pursue a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) qualification, as I can draw on the knowledge that I gained through the undergraduate Bachelor of Health Sciences degree. It is valuable to put that knowledge into practice within a research setting.

“I believe this is extremely important as it is not sufficient to simply learn concepts, but rather, we need to get into the field and see how things work. Furthermore, I get to work alongside many experts in population health to research and discover ways to improve the health of New Zealanders. This will provide a strong foundation to any further research I would like to do.

“The area of study I am following is Health Informatics and Health Systems. I would like to continue on to a Master of Public Health.”