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Fongfa Thongsamak - Medicine

Fongfa Thongsamak

Fongfa Thongsamak

Student: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 

“I’m an inquisitive person, so a challenging field such as medicine interested me from a young age. Also I am a natural people person who enjoys meeting new people, and I feel this is a strength I could utilise in the medical field

“We are studying basic medical knowledge – including skills and attitude – and learning how to further develop our personal and professional skills.

“It is a privilege that we, as medical students, are given the opportunity to study a real human body (First Patient Project) as it gives us hands-on experience that enhances our understanding of our study. I also appreciate that the lecturers in our programme are very approachable, friendly, and willing to go out of their way to help us.

“I have a scholarship from the government of Thailand called the Royal Thai Government Scholarship under the ODOS programme, which assists with tuition and some living expenses.

“After graduation, I hope to return to and work in my hometown in Thailand. I would love to be a part of a voluntary medical team that helps those in urgent need of medical attention, especially in the rural areas of my homeland.”