Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Meet Our Students

Our Undergraduate Students 


Bruce Kidd

“I decided to study this undergraduate degree because I am passionate about issues like health inequity, and racial and ethnic, social and environmental justice."


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Cara Sturman

“I would like a career where I am working with people to improve their health and making a valuable contribution to society."


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Nick Lee

“I have wanted to become an optometrist for many years. I know how frustrating not being able to see can be and have realised that Optometry allows you to make direct improvements in others’ lives." 


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Colin Chan Chui

“I have aspirations of becoming a doctor so that I may carry out my passion of helping people and in particular, to play a part in helping Māori and Pacific individuals facing poor health issues."

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Samantha Hill

“I decided to study nursing because I wanted the opportunity to make a genuine difference in the quality of people’s lives..."


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Fongfa Thongsamak 

“I’m an inquisitive person, so a challenging field such as medicine interested me from a young age."



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Our Postgraduate Students



Mohanraj Krishnan

“I have always considered the University of Auckland of high repute, as one of the leading Universities on a global scale. I studied here to broaden my research knowledge and skills."


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Tanya Poppe

“My research focuses on brain MRI of babies and children who were born preterm, with the aim to inform neonatal care for positive neurodevelopmental outcomes with a focus on visual processing.”

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robert haua resized

Robert Haua

“I have a passion for research, especially where it contributes to the progression of the pharmacy profession. It is great to be able to lead my own research while learning and consolidating my research skills along the way."


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Tharaphi Tharaphi

"Studying at the University of Auckland has been a great experience and I’m really inspired by my lecturers and the public health professionals I have met in New Zealand."


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Lucia Du

“Biomedical Sciences was an area I found really interesting and I really enjoyed the hands-on work during my honours year so I wanted to pursue a PhD to further develop my research skills."

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Maria Matthews

Completing this qualification will allow me to function more autonomously in my nurse specialist role which will, in turn, benefit my patients.”



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Simona D'Silva

"Research that provides new and innovative ways to improve the health of New Zealanders is what inspires me.”




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Gemma Malungahu

MAPAS Postgraduate support has helped me transition from overseas studies into the Master of Public Health programme. I am now in my provisional year of the PhD programme and continue to value the ongoing support and aroha from the MAPAS team"


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