Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Personal support

For extra support, the following groups and services can be contacted.


Student advocates provide a support system for students. They can help you to resolve academic, financial, personal and social issues.  

Childcare and support for parents

Find out about support and spaces available to students who are parents.

Counselling services

Free counselling services are available to all students. 

Disability Services

Supporting students and staff with a range of impairments to succeed and excel within the University.

Health services

The University offers essential health services at discounted student rates.

International student support

All the information you need to get enrolled, settle in and start studying.


The FMHS Rainbow Group improves the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex students and staff, to celebrate the diversity of the Faculty community and create a welcoming environment for queer students and staff.

Spiritual support

Spiritual support usually involves finding guidance from the faith community with which you are most familiar and comfortable.

Dealing with problems in supervision

Find out which pathways are available in case you are facing difficulties in supervision.