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CGS personnel: Key members (March 2008) – Research and Governance Group

12 year involvement in gambling research and development. CGS director since opening. Board Chair Problem Gambling Foundation (1997-2002). Published widely in peer reviewed articles and technical reports on gambling. Developed and teaches a postgraduate course on gambling. Background in psychology and addictions.

Dr Adams practised as a clinical psychologist in Auckland for over 13 years, during which time he developed specialist expertise in the area of addictive behaviour. His interest in gambling started in 1995 when he undertook the role of clinical consultant to the Compulsive Gambling Society (now Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand, since May 2001). In 1997, he became chairperson of its Board of Directors. More recently, he has focused on developing a range of research projects into problem gambling and in supporting the development of professional education projects. He is currently employed as Head of Department for Social and Community Health at The University of Auckland's School of Population Health, and is co-director of CGS. He co-ordinates addiction teaching within the undergraduate medical programme and has developed a post-graduate programme for specialist addiction workers.


Seven year involvement in research into youth gambling. Contributed widely to research and youth development projects on gambling in New Zealand. Has recently completed a PhD on youth gambling.

Dr Rossen has a background in psychology and is currently employed as co-director of CGS and a Senior Researcher within the Department for Social and Community Health. Her primary field of interest is youth gambling: her PhD investigated the gambling experiences of adolescents in New Zealand and in addition to quantifying the role of gambling in adolescent life, her research focused upon the exploration of protective factors for gambling. She is experienced in undertaking research with young people and has been involved in a wide range of social and community health research projects. She worked as a telephone counsellor at the Gambling Helpline for a number of years and was involved with the initial setting up of Inyaface - the Youth Gambling Helpline.


Trained at the Zinberg Centre for addiction studies in the US. Research, teaching, and clinical experience in gambling in USA, England and New Zealand. Interested in gambling and co-morbidity.

Dr Shepherd's interest in addiction studies began as a research fellow at the Zinberg Centre for Addiction studies at Harvard Medical School in 1989. She examined problem gambling in both the methadone and alcohol clinics at the Veterans outpatient clinic in Boston. Following this fellowship, she has been involved in clinical and research work in substance misuse and gambling both in the United States and United Kingdom. She studied for her PhD at the University of Surrey Roehampton in 1998. Her thesis examined social phobia and addictive behaviour, which also continues to be her area of interest. From 2002-2004 she taught undergraduates a module in addictive behaviours at the University of Surrey Roehampton. Robin moved to New Zealand in August 2004 and began working with the Centre for Gambling Studies. She also teaches postgraduates in the Alcohol and Drug programme at Social and Community Health.


Dr Robert Brown
Honorary Research Associate

Ten year contribution to gambling research and development. Deputy Chair of PGF (1997-). Background in psychology and addictions with special interest in gambling policy and criminal offending.

Dr Brown is an Honorary Research Associate at The University of Auckland, and a member of the Alcoholic Liquor Advisory Council. He has a Diploma in Clinical Psychology and has worked as a clinical psychologist in psychiatric hospitals, prisons and private practice. He completed his PhD in stimulus control of drinking behaviour and established the first educational courses in responsible drinking in New Zealand. He has published some 30 papers in international research journals on alcohol and addiction. He has a Master of Public Policy from Victoria University of Wellington and has provided policy advice to several New Zealand Government Departments including the Ministry of Justice, the Department of Justice and the Department for Courts


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Seven year involvement in research into Samoan gambling. Contributed consistently to Pacific projects on gambling. Currently completing a PhD on Samoan gambling.

Ms Perese is currently a PhD student with the Centre for Gambling Studies. Her PhD explores gambling amongst the Samoan community in New Zealand. She was a counsellor at Pacific Motu Trust for several years and has been involved in several projects for Pacific people funded by ALAC, The Department of Courts, The Problem Gambling Foundation, The Problem Gambling Purchasing Agency and The Auckland Starship Hospital Research Centre.     


CGS associates in the School of Population Health (March 2008)

Participated in research on gambling in primary health contexts.


Contributed in several projects with a focus on Māori gambling and public health.

Background in qualitative methods and director of survey research unit that provides research support for the centre.

Extensive research background in research into addictions and key support for members of the centre.

Registered nurse, reviewer/editor with various published books/journal articles and research fellow for Clinical Trials Research Unit who provides research and technical support for the centre.