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CFAR publications - gambling

The Centre for Addiction Research incorporates the former Centre of Gambling Studies, established in 2001 and based in the Department of Social and Community Health in the School of Population Health.

The Centre for Gambling Studies completed a broad range of research projects (large and small) with a focus on four broad research areas: public health and community; treatment; behavioural; education and training.

Completed research projects include:

  • Effectiveness of problem gambling intervention services
  • Crime and gambling
  • Gambling related public health
  • Developing a community indicators model
  • Idenitfying and improving information on gambling for use by local and territorial authorities
  • Why people gamble
  • Host responsibility for gambling venues in New Zealand
  • The ethics of receiving funds from the proceeds of gambling

Selected publications since 2005

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Technical Reports

ROSSEN, F.V., FLEMING, T., LUCASSEN, M., DENNY, S., PEIRIS-JOHN, R., TEEVALE, T., CRENGLE, S., ROBINSON, E., BULLEN, P., DYSON, B., FORTUNE, S., UTTER, J., SHERIDAN, J., CLARK, T. & The Adolescent Health Research Group. (2013). The Health and Wellbeing of New Zealand Secondary School Students in 2012: Youth Gambling. Auckland: The University of Auckland.

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MCKENNA, B., BROWN, R., ROSSEN, F., & GOODER, C. (2012). Delivery of Problem Gambling Service to Prison Inmates. Centre for Gambling Studies and The Centre for Mental Health Research, Prepared for the Ministry of Health. Auckland UniServices Limited, The University of Auckland.