CFAR publications - alcohol and other drugs

The Centre includes researchers from across the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences who have a long history examining issues associated with alcohol and other drug use in New Zealand.


Recent alcohol research addresses topics such as:

  • screening and brief interventions
  • patterns of alcohol consumption, alcohol and injury
  • youth use of alcohol
  • treatment options
  • cultural perspectives and practices
  • alcohol and pregnancy
  • the pharmacokinetics of alcohol.

Research into illicit drug use in New Zealand includes:

  • cannabis use
  • opioid substitution programmes
  • prescription drug misuse
  • impacts of methamphetamine use
  • cognitive effects of drug use
  • the effect of addictions on families
  • the psycho-pharmacology of various drug actions.

A number of recent projects have also focused on emergent synthetic and combination drugs (e.g. party pills, Kronic, Fantasy) and this research has been used in government policy decisions.

Selected publications since 2005


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