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Centre for Addiction Research - publications by consumption area

The Centre for Addiction Research endeavours to share its scientific discoveries as widely as possible to influence the development of evidence-based policy and practice, and to encourage informed understanding and debate about dangerous consumptions and their impact on individuals, families and communities.

We are recognised for our work across all dangerous consumption subsectors, including the interplay between addictive consumptions and mental health problems. Please select your area of interest below:


  • Alcohol and other drugs

    Members of the Centre have a long history of publishing high quality research about alcohol and other drugs.

  • Tobacco

    Read about some of the ground-breaking tobacco research undertaken by CFAR members.

  • Gambling

    The Centre for Gambling Studies was established in 2001 and has now been integrated into the Centre for Addiction Research. Read more about our research into gambling in New Zealand.

  • Other

    Our members' research goes beyond specific consumptions to also include examination of policy, health services, industry behaviour and influence, as well as co-existing disorders.