ASB Visiting Professor Thomas Babor - seminar series Event as iCalendar

07 August 2013 - 15 August 2013

ASB Visiting Professor Thomas Babor from the University of Connecticut, USA, was hosted by the University of Auckland’s School of Pharmacy, in partnership with the Centre for Addiction Research, in August 2013. During his visit to Auckland, Professor Babor delivered 15 seminars, including one public lecture, and met with researchers, clinicians, policy makers and advocacy groups to discuss issues in alcohol and drug policy and treatment in New Zealand.

In addition to seminars for academic staff and students across the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Professor Babor also presented at a Tele-Paediatric Lecture at Starship Hospital, a Medical Science Lecture at Auckland City Hospital, and a Medical Grand Round at Middlemore Hospital. He was the keynote speaker at an invitation-only one-day roundtable event for addiction-sector academics and NGOs, and was a special guest speaker at the official opening by the Associate Minister of Health of the University’s Centre for Addiction Research.

Professor Babor delivered the following seminars/ lectures during his visit:

  • Alcohol and drug policy in public health perspectiveeive
  • Alcohol marketing, the alcohol industry and their impact on binge drinking by adolescents
  • Alcohol screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment in medical settings
  • Translating research into practice: the WHO global strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol
  • Treatment for alcohol and other substance use disorders – a public health perspective
  • Ethical and practical perspectives on research integrity in scientific publishing
  • How scientific evidence might inform national drug policy – a global perspective

Download recordings or slides of a selection of Professor Babor's seminars