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The Centre for Addiction Research aims to share its work widely to help inform policy and practice in New Zealand.  

Here we share a selection of our presentation slides and, where available, audio and video recordings from seminars and other public events.


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Centre for Addiction Research 2016 Symposium

The Centre for Addiction Research second annual Symposium was held on Monday 28 November 2016.  The Symposium focussed on current collaborative research projects and future initiatives that strengthen the understanding, prevention and treatment of addictive consumptions in New Zealand. Please find a copy of the Symposium handbook and a selection of presentation slides available below.  If you would like any further information about any of the presentations, please contact our Members directly.

Centre for Addiction Research Showcase 2015 - 6 July 2015

The Centre for Addiction Research’s inaugural research showcase was held on Monday 6 July 2015.  

The Showcase brought together researchers, practitioners, policymakers and others working within the sector for an afternoon of presentations about the research interests and current projects of Centre members.

A mix of plenary and concurrent breakout sessions catered for the diverse interests of attendees, with presentations falling under four broad themes: public health and addictions, biomedical advances, interventions and treatment, and socio-cultural perspectives.

A selection of presentations from the 2015 CFAR Showcase can be viewed below:

Centre for Addiction Research 2015 Showcase: plenary presentations

Introduction to the Centre for Addiction Research – Professor Peter Adams

Cytisine: a 60 year old tobacco treatment that no-one has heard of – Honorary Associate Professor Natalie Walker

The WHO ASSIST: from research and development to implementation and practice – Dr David Newcombe

Breakout Session: Public Health and AddictionsCentre for Addiction Research 2015 Showcase: plenary presentations

Maternal alcohol consumption in New Zealand – Professor Chris Bullen (recording starts part way through presentation)

Children exposed during pregnancy to methamphetamine “P” – Associate Professor Trecia Wouldes

Alcohol and injury: what can epidemiological studies tell us? – Dr Bridget Kool

Breakout Session: Interventions and Treatment

SPGETTI: a smartphone-based problem gambling relapse prevention feasibility study – Professor Chris Bullen

E-cigarettes: silver bullet or poisoned chalice – Professor Chris Bullen

The Visual-ADOM_R: measuring meaningful outcomes in addiction – Dr Susanna Galea

The effect of Varenicline on cannabis use – Dr David Newcombe

reakout Session: Sociocultural perspectives

mHealth in the Pacific: a potential strategy to accelerate alcohol cessation – Elaine Umali

WERO – the Whānau End smoking Regional whānau Ora challenge – Kathrine Clarke

The co-existence of gambling and other dangerous consumptions in New Zealand youth – Dr Fiona Rossen

The contribution of addiction industry studies to public health policy on tobacco, alcohol and gambling – Professor Peter Adams



Wayne Hall Cropped)

Visiting Professor Wayne Hall

Should we use stimulant drugs to make us smarter?

10 March 2015