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Collaboration beyond academic boundries

Our Centre is deeply rooted within the University of Auckland's Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. This priviledged location enables us to enjoy an environment of constant academic collaboration.

We are very fortunate to receive vital support - in many forms – from our wider community, having established meaningful partnerships within the non-profit, governmental, collegiate and private sectors. We are especially grateful to the donors and their families, whose unyielding generosity facilitates our discoveries. 

We invite you to find out the many ways you can engage with us and contribute to our vision.




  • Donate to the CBR

    If you would like to support the work of the CBR, donations can be made to the Centre for Brain Research Fund in the School of Medicine Foundation. Every dollar donated will be spent on research, and all donations are tax-deductible. cbr@auckland.ac.nz

  • Brain Recovery Clinic

    The CBR's Brain Recovery Clinic aims to deliver cutting-edge research from the laboratory directly to the community. People who have had a stroke can be referred for an assessment at the clinic. Contact: 09 923 8887 or brainrecovery@auckland.ac.nz



  • Research Volunteer Register

    Every day at the Centre for Brain Research our researchers are working hard to find and develop new treatments for brain disease. Join our Research Volunteer Register to take part in research studies. cbrvolunteer@auckland.ac.nz

  • Neurological Foundation Human Brain Bank

    Find out more information about the Human Brain Bank and the research underway. To donate to the brain bank, please contact the Co-Director Dr Maurice Curtis for more information. Contact: 09 923 6702 or brainbank@auckland.ac.nz