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About this team

This group aims to characterise the cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuronal damage occurring acutely during stroke, and chronically in Parkinson's disease.

Principal Investigator - Professor Janusz Lipski MD, PhD is a professor of Neurophysiology at the Department of Physiology and Centre for Brain Research in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences,. Visit Professor Lipski's department profile here

Associated Investigator - Dr Peter Freestone PhD is a former Aotearoa Fellow and a researcher at the Department of Physiology and Centre of Brain Research in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. Visit Dr Freestone's department profile here.  



Team members


Andrew Yee – PhD candidate


Yuhuni (Yvonne) Sun – Research Technician


Kathryn Todd – Honours student


Blaze Forbes – Summer student


Rashika Karunasinghe - PhD - AI      



For a full list of publications, visit Professor Janusz Lipski and Dr Peter Freestone's University pages.


  • To better understand the organisation of the basal ganglia and the roles of dopamine and endocannabinoids  in controlling the function of this system  in physiological and pathophysiological conditions;
  • Identify novel therapeutic targets to improve treatment of Parkinson’s disease


Areas of interest

  • Pathophysiology of Parkinson’s disease and other brain disorders caused by dysfunction of dopaminergic neurons
  • The mechanisms by which dopamine controls the function of the basal ganglia
  • Novel effects of L-DOPA and endocannabinoids on nigral dopaminergic neurons
  • Regulation of dopamine uptake by brain dopaminergic systems
  • Neuronal connections within the basal ganglia