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Principal Investigator - Associate Professor Donna Rose Addis

Associate Professor Donna Rose Addis completed her BA and MA in Psychology at The University of Auckland. She then undertook a PhD as a Commonwealth Scholar at the University of Toronto, followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard University.

Donna Rose returned to the School of Psychology to lead the Memory Lab in 2008. Her research combines neuroimaging, behavioral and neuropsychological methods to investigate how the brain remembers past experiences and how we use memory to simulate future events and construct a sense of identity.

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Team members








Reece Roberts – Postdoctoral Fellow

Understanding how cognitive flexibility helps people imagine the future. 

Sylvia Hach – Postdoctoral Fellow

Researching autobiographical memory, future thinking and depression. 

Aleea Devitt – PhD Candidate

Investigating what happens when memory goes wrong and we remember things that didn't actually happen. 

Chris Murray – Clinical Doctorate Student

Examining changes in memory and imagination in depression.

Kristina Wiebels – PhD Candidate

Using machine learning techniques to understand how memories are represented in the brain. 

Carolin Wickner – Research Assistant

Helping to improve the scoring and processing of autobiographical interviews. 


  • Understand human memory (particularly autobiographical and episodic memory) and how it contributes to other aspects of psychological functioning such as imagining the future, developing a sense of self and creativity.
  • Investigate the neural correlates of constructive processes (e.g., memory, imagination and creativity) using fMRI
  • Determine how these abilities are affected in healthy ageing, as well as diseases and disorders such as dementia, depression and epilepsy



Areas of interest

  • Autobiographical memory
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Brain networks that support memory and related cognitive abilities
  • Hippocampal function





For a full list of publications, visit the Memory Lab's website.