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Principal Investigator - Associate Professor Richard Roxburgh

Dr Richard Roxburgh is a neurologist at Auckland City Hospital and has been newly appointed as Associate Professor at the University of Auckland. He specializes in seeing patients with neurogenetic disease.

He has published over fifty papers including devising the Multiple Sclerosis Severity Score – now the gold standard for assessing disease severity in MS and a wide range of neurogenetic subjects, from demonstrating that Huntington’s nurses are cost effective in clinical practice to the discovery that half of patients with myotonic dystrophy have the potentially treatable condition called “epiretinal membranes”. 

One of his major research roles has been the establishment (together with the Muscular Dystrophy Association of New Zealand) of the New Zealand Neuromuscular Disease Registry (of which he is principal investigator). The registry is five years old and has recruited over one thousand patients, enabling more than half of then to participate in research studies.

His principal motivation is to have enough information available on New Zealanders with neuromuscular conditions so they are “trial ready” for research and treatment trials.  

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Team members

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Miriam Rodrigues MSc - PhD candidate

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To obtain molecular diagnoses for patients with rare neurogenetic disease.


Areas of interest

  • Obtaining diagnoses for patients with neurogenetic disease
  • Organizing appropriate multidisciplinary services to support people with neurogenetic disease, optimizing their ability to participate in society


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