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Principal Investigator - Professor Steven Dakin

Professor Steven Dakin is a neuroscientist who uses behavioural measurement and brain imaging to investigate vision in normal and clinical populations.  His research focuses on spatial vision (how we recognise objects) and how it changes with age and disease.

Following a PhD at the University of Stirling and a postdoc at McGill he moved to the Institute of Ophthalmology (University College London) in 1999 as a Wellcome Trust fellow and was later appointed Professor of Visual Psychophysics. He moved to Auckland in 2014 to head the School of Optometry and Vision Science.

View Steven's profile at the School of Optometry and Vision Science here.



Team members










Dr Phil Turnbull - Postdoctoral Research Fellow (NZ)

Clinical psychophysics, optometry, eye-movements, virtual reality

Dr Lisa Hamm - Robert Leitl Research Fellow (NZ)

Paediatric psychophysics, amblyopia, optotypes, school screening  

Ms Manuella Bossi - PhD Student (UK)

Amblyopia therapy

Ms Nilpa Shah - PhD Student (UK)

Optotypes, age related macular disease

Dr Andrew Rider - Research Technician (UK)

Eye-movements, paediatric psychophysics, age related macular disease)



  • Improve clinical assessment of vision in order to better support the diagnosis and treatment of visual disorders in people of all ages. 


Areas of interest

  • Paediatric vision
  • Eye movements
  • Vision in developmental (e.g. autism) and psychiatric (e.g. schizophrenia) disorders
  • Clinical psychophysics




For a full list of publications, visit Professor Steven Dakin's ResearchGate Profile.