Centre for Brain Research

Research Advisory Committee to the Centre for Brain Research

The Research Advisory Committee is formed from Principal Investigators across the Centre for Brain Research. Representing both the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, these well-respected researchers shape the direction of the centre.

Head of School, Optometry and Vision Science. Professor Dakin studies vision in adults and children, and how it is affected by disorders of eye and brain.  His research combines brain imaging with measurement of the limits of vision, and his recent work uses eyetracking to reveal what children see.


School of Biological Sciences. Professor Snell is the Leader Applied Translational Genetics Group and is co-founder of National Autism Research Network Minds for Minds.

Dr Kwakowsky is a Research Fellow at the Department of Anatomy and Medical Imaging. She leads research in the area of neuronal signalling in normal brain function and neurodegenerative conditions.

Associate Professor Richard Roxburgh is a clinical neurologist at Auckland District Health Board where he is Clinical Lead for both Neurogenetics and for Research within the Neurology Department. He is PI of the New Zealand Neuromuscular Disease Registry and of the New Zealand Motor Neurone Disease Registry. His research focuses on a wide range of neurogenetic conditions in Aotearoa-New Zealand, their genetic causes, treatments and the impacts they have.

Henry Waldvogel

Associate Professor Henry Waldvogel

Anatomy and Medical Imaging. Professor Waldvogel's research expertise is in the field of human chemical neuroanatomy at the regional, cellular and subcellular levels, that is, the localisation of neuroactive molecules and chemical pathways in the normal and diseased human brain. His studies define the neuropathological changes occurring in Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and Alzheimers disease.


Dr Holdsworth is a medical physicist with experience in MRI acquisition, post-processing, and analysis. She is a pioneer of fast, high resolution diffusion imaging methods in MRI, ‘plural contrast’ MRI, and amplified MRI. Her key research interest is in the application of novel imaging technologies for the early detection of concussion/mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and obstructive disorders of the brain.

Senior Lecturer, Psychology. Dr Dudley is a neuro-pyschologist; specialising in the assessment and management of dementia in Māori.


Dr Gary Cheung currently holds a joint appointment between the University of Auckland as a senior lecturer and Auckland District Health Board as a community old age psychiatrist. He co-leads the translation and research of cognitive stimulation therapy, a psychosocial group treatment, for people with dementia in NZ.

Deborah Young

Associate Professor Deborah Young (CBR Directorate Rep)

Associate Professor Deborah Young is Associate Director of the Centre for Brain Research and Director of the NeuroDiscovery Behavioural Unit within the Centre.