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Connecting Emerging Neuroscientists

The Centre for Brain Research aims to grow and develop the careers of early and mid-career researchers, recognising that the neuroscientists of tomorrow are our future.

BrainWaves organises seminars and events to encourage collaboration and career development for younger members of the CBR. These workshops cover topics that are of great importance to emerging neuroscientists and are held monthly, usually on the second Thursday of the month.

Contact us at cbrbrainwaves.seminars@auckland.ac.nz



Key events for 2015

BrainWaves Statistics drop-in workshop

Date: Thursday 29 October

Time: From 4.00 pm until 6:00 pm

Location: FMHS 501-110

Speaker: Avinesh Pillai - Statistical Consulting Centre  

rsvp to cbrbrainwaves.seminars@auckland.ac.nz 

Click on the link to view this event's poster 

Statistics drop-in workshop
(180.3 kB, PDF)


BrainWaves awards function 

Date: Friday 11 December

Time: From 2.00 9m until 6:00 pm

Location: FMHS 501-505

Speaker: To be confirmed

rsvp to cbrbrainwaves.seminars@auckland.ac.nz



BrainWaves communications workshop 

Date: Tuesday 10 November

Time: From 9.00 am until 12:00 pm

Location: FMHS 501-505

Speaker: Dacia Herbulock - Science Media Centre 

rsvp to f.favero@auckland.ac.nz

Click on the link to view this event's poster 

Outreach and field trips

The BrainWaves team organise speakers to talk at community events and groups. If you would like more information please contact the team.

Contact: cbrbrainwaves.outreach@auckland.ac.nz

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