New genetic tools reveal insights into Huntington’s disease and Autism Event as iCalendar

22 March 2016

6 - 8:30pm

Venue: Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Location: University of Auckland

Host: Professor Russell Snell

Cost: Free

Contact info: Frankie Favero

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Freemasons Jim and Marcy

Genetisists reveal latest discoveries in neurodevelopmental disorders

During the last two weeks we have had the pleasure of hosting the Freemasons Travelling Scholars Professor Marcy MacDonald and Professor Jim Gusella, geneticists from Harvard University.

Hosted by the Minds for Minds network, Marcy and Jim have delivered seminars for our Centre, Auckland City Hospital and several other schools and faculties of the University of Auckland.

Last Tuesday evening, they hosted a public lecture at our Faculty which was incredibly informative, dynamic and compelling.  “New genetic tools reveal insights into Huntington’s disease and Autism” was attended by academics, students, clinicians and families who’ve had first-hand experience with neurological disorders, who were all equally inspired by the geneticists passion and amazing discoveries.

We invite you to download the slides from Jim and Marcy's presentation below.


Additional resources

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