Scientists, research technicians and students collaborating and working with the Hugh Green Biobank

Biobank Emma Scotter
  • Clinicians – Dr Ed Mee, Dr Patrick Schweder, Dr Clinton Turner, Dr Peter Heppner
  • Research Technicians – Miranda Aalderink, Research Technician, Sheryl Feng, Research Technician, Marika Eszes, Technical Officer Human Brain Bank, Christa MacDonald, Research Technician
  • Scientists – Distinguished Professor Sir Richard Faull, Distinguished Professor Margaret Brimble, Professor Gordon Wallace (University of Wollongong), Professor Jadranka Travas-Sejdic, Professor Chris Shaw (Kings College London), Professor Bernard Rogister (University of Liege Belgium), Professor Ronald Melki (Universite Paris-Sarclay, Paris), Professor Mark Hampton (University of Otago), Associate Professor Maurice Curtis, Associate Professor Johanna Montgomery, Associate Professor Debbie Young, Associate Professor Ruth Empson (University of Otago), Dr Vickie Shim, Dr Brad Sutherland (University of Tasmania), Dr Justin Rustenhoven (University of Virginia).
  • Research Fellows – Dr Thomas Park, Dr Emma Scotter, Dr Deidre Jansson, Dr Kevin Lee, Dr Louise Stubbing, Dr Jane Wu, Dr Yewon Jung, Dr Victor Dieriks, Dr Erin Cawston, Dr Nasim Mehrabi, Dr Malvindar Singh-Bains, Dr Andrea Kwakowsky

Past and present graduate students – Amy Smith, Casey Jowers, Natacha Coppieters, Deidre MacVeigh, Justin Rustenhoven, Leon Smyth, Molly Swanson, Charlotte Dunne, Jena Macapagal, Taylor Stevenson, Yi-han Wu, Serey Naidoo, Jarred Griffen, Zoe Woolf, Dniel Austria, Karan Govindpa


  • Developing 3-dimensional models of human brain cells for drug testing
  • Functional human neuron studies
  • Drug screening studies
  • Testing gene therapies
  • Studying the effects of brain disease associated proteins (amyloid, tdp-43, synuclein)
  • Brain tumour biology
  • Developing a device to model brain scar formation
  • Studies of cells making up the blood-brain barrier
  • Studies of oxidative injury to brain cells