Centre for Brain Research

Science communication at the Centre for Brain Research

Scientific discovery and dissemination are at the heart of everything we do.


Right to its very core, the Centre for Brain Research thrives on communication. Senior Principal Investigators from the basic neurosciences and clinical specialities meet regularly to discuss research outcomes and direction. The challenges and discoveries in neurological diseases are shared with frontline care workers from community NGOs. This ethos of collective facilities, active intermixing and collaboration promotes a more effective research environment.

Our track record for educational promotion and outreach has already been established through the popular annual Brain Awareness events and the New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge. The CBR CeleBRation Choir and CBR More than Words Gavel Club are welcome additions to the CBR's events and activities, along with the Research Volunteer Register to encourage participation in research. The CBR maintains an online news site and social media updates on Facebook.

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The CBR shares best practice with other translational neuroscience centres worldwide. Our international affiliations include:

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