Centre for Brain Research

Neuroscience at the Centre for Brain Research

The Centre for Brain Research is located at The University of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest provider of medical and biomedical research. It is renowned as one of the top-ranked universities in the world and is internationally recognised for its neuroscience research.


Research themes

Led by the Directors Professor Richard Faull and Professor Alan Barber, the centre’s research interests span four broad research themes:

Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

Clinical Neuroscience

Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience

Sensory and Motor Neuroscience

Cross-faculty collaborations

The centre brings together over 40 research groups from across the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences and the Faculty of Science. Our neuroscientists boast world-class expertise in key areas such as neurodegeneration, neurogenesis, neuroprotection, neuroplasticity, regeneration and recovery. The principal investigators of each group perform their research with the centre and maintain critical teaching links with their academic departments.

Our expertise extends internationally with links to over 60 groups in major universities and research institutes around the world. This knowledge is underpinned by the $16 million redevelopment of the Grafton neuroscience laboratories in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. The new facility provides a hub for the centre, as well as a direct connection to the Neurology and Neurosurgery Departments at Auckland City Hospital. The state- of-the-art resources include the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand Human Brain Bank, adult human brain cell culture, stem cell technologies, biomedical imaging, modern electrophysiology capabilities, gene therapies, optical science, audiology, cognition testing, drug technologies and therapeutic trials.

The Centre for Brain Research enjoys close ties with the following University faculties and departments.

Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Faculty of Science

Tamaki Clinics

Scientific communication

Scientific discovery and dissemination are at the heart of everything we do. Senior principal investigators from the basic neurosciences and clinical specialities meet regularly to discuss research outcomes and direction. The challenges and discoveries in neurological diseases are shared with frontline care workers from community NGOs. This ethos of collective facilities, active intermixing and collaboration promotes a more effective research environment.

The centre's activities are managed by our Communications and Liaison Manager, Laura Fogg. Bringing with her a wealth of experience in scientific communication and journalism, Laura has helped to develop the centre and encourage public interaction. Our track record for educational promotion and outreach has already been established through the popular annual Brain Week and New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge.

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