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About us

The Centre for Brain Research is a unique partnership between scientists, clinicians and the community. Established in 2009, the centre excels in world-class neuroscience research carried out by cross-faculty research teams, alongside clinical collaborations with leading neurologists, neurosurgeons and physicians in New Zealand and around the world.

Scientists, doctors and students work at every level, from the laboratory to the clinic to the whanau and community. By working together the CBR aims to provide a brighter future for people and families affected by brain disease.



  • Directors' message

    A welcome message from the Director Professor Richard Faull and Deputy-Directors Professors Alan Barber and Peter Thorne.

  • Brain Recovery Clinic

    Visit the Brain Recovery Clinic for advanced clinical and research assessments for stroke patients.

  • Structure

    Learn about the three pillars that make up the centre and read our profile.

  • Our vision

    Read about the vision and goals that drive our research partnerships.

  • Neurodiscovery

    Our scientists are at the forefront of pre-clinical research into brain disease

  • Our supporters

    We are very grateful to the families, charities and funding agencies that make research at the centre possible.

  • CeleBRation Choir

    The CBR choir is a weekly community music therapy initiative for people with communication problems caused by brain disease.

  • Gavel Club

    The CBR Gavel Club is a speaking club designed for the needs of adults with aphasia.

  • The Hugh Green Biobank

    The Hugh Green Biobank (HGB), established in 2011 by Professor of Pharmacology, Mike Dragunow, is a world-leading facility dedicated to identifying new treatments for brain disorders by studying human brain cells derived from autopsy and neurosurgical brain tissue donors.