Looking for adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)


Sensory status of adults with and without mild cognitive impairment (MCI): hearing, vision and balance

Many people, especially as they get older, can have hearing, vision and balance problems. Some studies have shown links between these sensory problems and cognitive problems in older people.

We would like to know more about these difficulties in order to better understand how to prevent decline in sensory and cognitive abilities.

We are inviting people with mild cognitive impairment to participate in this research that will test their hearing, eyesight and the balance system’s ability to correct for eye movement.

Healthy adults without cognitive impairment are also invited to participate.

You will receive a report with your test results (hearing, vision and balance).

All the testing will be done at the Grafton Campus of the University of Auckland.

The tests will take about 60-90 minutes with breaks.

For the hearing and vision tests you will listen to different tones and identify different visual patterns.

For the balance test you wear eye goggles that measure your eye movement when your head is shifted from side to side.

If you would like to participate or need further information please contact PhD candidate Joan Leung via email or mobile at 021 842 349.

APPROVED BY THE UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND HUMAN PARTICIPANTS ETHICS COMMITTEE ON 8 March 2016 for 3 years until 21 December 2018, Reference Number 016482