Latest Neurological Foundation Grants for CBR people

02 August 2018
Kevin Lee

Establishing adult human neocortical organotypic brain slice culture using human choroid plexus-conditioned media

Dr Kevin Lee, Department of Physiology

Small project grant $14,240

The human brain and its neurological diseases are best studied in living human brain cells. The key to growing viable adult human brain cells is to provide these cells with the same physiological environment found in the human brain.

By using the medium generated by the adult human choroid plexus (hCP), a tissue that produces the fluid crucial for brain development and health, we will establish a novel culture protocol to grow adult human brain slices in a dish. Our ultimate goal is to use these living human brain cells to further our understanding and develop treatments for neurological disorders.



Amy Chapman


Investigating the use of 3D matrices to enhance the survival and differentiation of directly reprogrammed neural precursor cells

Dr Amy McCaughey-Chapman, Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology

Small project grant $14,945

Cell replacement therapy has huge potential for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease. However, one of the limitations hindering the advance of cell replacement therapy to the clinic is the poor survival and maturation of the cells following transplantation into the brain.

This study will investigate whether we can promote the survival and maturation of transplanted cells by encapsulating them in a supportive 3-dimensional matrix. A successful outcome will progress the use of cell replacement therapy to the clinic.