Neuroscience and Neurosurgery come together at the Centre for Brain Research

26 April 2016
Distinguished Professor Richard Faull, Vice-Chancellor Professor Stuart McCutcheon and Auckland City Hospital's team of neurosurgeons at Mr Patrick Schweder's appointment as Freemasons Senior Lecturer of Neurosurgery, Wednesday 9 September 2015

Our community will get the chance to witness the latest research developments and innovative therapies in Neuroscience and Neurosurgery at the Auckland War Memorial Museum on Tuesday 10th of May. 

 “A Voyage into the Brain: Showcasing the Latest Advances in Neurosurgery and Research” will be a celebration of the collaboration between the Centre for Brain Research (CBR) at the University of Auckland and Neurosurgery at the Auckland District Health Board (ADHB).

This collaboration is a special partnership enabling neuroscientists and clinicians to work together to advance research on the human brain and develop therapies to improve the quality of life for New Zealanders.

The Centre for Brain Research provides a unique environment to promote multidisciplinary collaborative research between scientists, clinicians and the community to increase the understanding of the brain.

Translational Research’ takes new knowledge developed in the research laboratory and transforms it into potential new treatments for people with brain disorders in the wider community.

Distinguished Professor Richard Faull, Director of the CBR, says: “This kind of academic and clinical collaboration will provide an innovative environment to promote exciting advances in human brain research and neurosurgery”.

A major step in the development of this collaboration between the CBR and the ADHB was initiated last year with the appointment of   neurosurgeon Mr Patrick Schweder as the first “Freemasons Senior Lecturer in Neurosurgery”.

“A Voyage into the Brain: Showcasing Advances in Neurosurgery and Research” is sponsored by the Freemasons and the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand and hosted by the Centre for Brain Research.

The event will commence with neurosurgeon Edward Mee tracing the development of brain surgery, followed by Patrick Schweder discussing the exciting opportunities provided by linking world leading human brain research with neurosurgery in Auckland. This will be followed by a personal story of how innovative neurosurgery has changed the life of a young Auckland man, Andy McDowell, who has benefited from the revolutionary procedure of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for Parkinson’s disease.

The evening will conclude with a panel discussion chaired by Lady Clare McKinnon featuring Andy and a group of New Zealand’s leading neurosurgeons discussing the latest exciting developments in neurosurgery.


The CBR acknowledges the support of the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand and the Freemasons.



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