The University of Auckland makes its mark on Round the Bays

15 March 2013

University of Auckland branded t-shirts worn by more than 650 participants made a big impression in this year’s Round the Bays event.

 It was among one of the largest groups of corporate branded runners, says Sport and Recreation manager, Nikki Henderson.

Staff and student participants came from throughout the University, representing most of the faculties, campuses, as well as some key University service divisions. One of the largest faculty groups was from Medical and Health Sciences that contributed 180 walkers and runners.

This was the first year that the University had a unified approach to entry in Round the Bays with a single branded t-shirt design, hospitality and administration, organised by the project team representing different faculties.

“It was a great success,” says Nikki. “It was the first time we had a combined effort with shared resources on the day and it was great to come together and make our mark on the event.”

The project team met fortnightly to organise the event, and the running club offered training sessions for participants leading up to the day.

Each entrant was given an information pack with details of the pre-race meeting place and the post-race hospitality area. The University of Auckland had six hospitality sites to accommodate 650-700 people, and staff provided food, refreshments and an area for people to meet and recover.

The unified approach got a great reception from many participants with comments (from a post-race survey) such as;

“A well organised event and I was proud to wear The University of Auckland t-shirt. Thanks to all the organising team that worked on the day.”

“The University barbeque really made it for me. It was a great socialising point and made more out of the run.”

“Loved it! Thanks for putting it on and getting so many people out there and active.” 

First home from the University contingent was Hamish McIntosh (32.16) followed by Daniel Blake (32.23) and Stephan Hassold (33.32). First women home were Liz Hardley (39.18), Sarah Ballard (41.09) and Natalie de Burgh (44.15).